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Have you ever had the feeling "I’ve nothing to wear" or "my wardrobe doesn’t inspire me"? This is the perfect package for you. 


Together let’s remove the stress out of not knowing what to wear and do away with the daily chore of deciding what outfit to wear. I provide you simple steps to have you wardrobe ready.

I also offer a virtual version of this service, please get in touch for details.


how it works


I’ll send you a style questionnaire to better understand your Styling needs such as lifestyle and budget. We'll delve into your wardrobe and chat through my tailored style consultation. You'll have a fitting to establish which pieces are still loved and relevant to you.


Afterwards we’ll photograph you in each of the looks which I’ll then compile into an annotated digital style bible with annotations and additional tips and tricks of how to style them for different occasions. I'll also create a Pinterest board of any further items and styling suggestions which would add to your existing wardrobe allowing you to easily click on the item and purchase if required.

With my Wardrobe Edit we can


- Make the most of what you already own.

- Consolidate your wardrobe with pieces that suit your style that you can mix and match.

- Create a photographic style bible of all your outfits.

- Leave the daily morning stress of organising your outfit behind.



Style Questionnaire

Style Consultation 


Digital Style Bible

Visual Board 

The Wardrobe Edit sessions are usually 4 hours duration.

Digital Style Bible takes 1-3 Business Days to receive.



Get in touch for details

* t’s & c’s apply









Or perhaps you'd like a different Styling Session with me, take a look at The Style Evolution or The Big Occasion 

Thank you!

Got a question? Visit FAQs

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