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Jewellery is a great way to elevate and personalise your style, allowing you to show a little bit of who you are to the outside world without saying a word. We tend to wear the same pieces day in, day out and they become a part of our uniform, it can even feel like we're lost without wearing a particular pair of earrings or necklace should they be taken off. As such it can be a very sustainable purchase per wear, rather than trend pieces or fast fashion, to be worn countless times. Jewellery can also be a potential investment as many precious materials hold their value unlike most fashion pieces like high street clothing.

Here I look at 10 Australian based Jewellery brands that I'm currently recommending to friends and clients.

Left to right, top; Alix Yang, Sarah and Sebastian, By Nye. Left to right, middle; Amber Sceats, By Charlotte, Aje, Dinosaur Designs. Left to right, bottom; Arms of Eve, Gypseye, William Edouard.

1. Alix Yang

Launching in 2017 Alix Yang has become an everyday staple thanks to the personal jewellery feel. They use a range of materials, from onyx to crystal to mother of pearl to give more depth and intrigue to their pieces.

2. Arms of Eve

AOE, founder Kerryn merges her African heritage with her Australian upbringing and fashion background. The colourful pieces are based on tribal patterns inspired by beach scenes to create organic style shapes.

3. Amber Sceats

The line takes influence from art, travel and architecture creating a perfect blend of modern and timeless pieces. Whilst the business is based in Australia AS sources the craftsmanship from Italy and France.

4. By Charlotte

Inspired by bohemian spirituality, the pieces are very delicate and dainty, perfect for understated simplicity.

5. Sarah and Sebastian

Aussie Sarah Gittoes met her German business partner Robert Sebastian Grynkofki whilst studying design. Since 2012 the duo have become a household name for lust worthy jewellery. Their latest collection uses Australian opal as a key material.

6. Aje

Aje is primarily a well known Australian fashion brand which has recently launched their jewellery collection. As with their main fashion line, the pieces are cool, statement and feminine.

7. Dinosaur Designs

The predominantly resin based designer plays on "a philosophy of colour and form" producing truly unique styles.

8. William Édouard

The jeweller draws inspiration and techniques from his fine art background. Working from a Melbourne studio, William creates a handcrafted line with a contemporary feel using high quality materials.

9. Gypseye

The Australian designer heavily draws inspiration from Greek and Egyptian cultures using many symbols to create focal points for the designs. The pieces exude an heirloom type feeling without looking vintage or costume.

10. By Nye

The Australian label uses modern visual artistry to imagine and design conceptual forms to produce wearable hand-made styles.

If you're searching for the perfect piece of jewellery I offer The Bespoke Package to help you with specific sourcing needs, get in touch here and we can chat!

Which jewellery designers are you loving right now? Let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for reading!

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