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Home Office meets The Office Outfit Edit

As Covid-19 restrictions are easing you're in need of an office attire refresher but can't bring yourself to ditch the WFH comfortable staples just yet. Maybe you’ve been working from home for a little while now and your everyday uniform of pjs / active and lounge wear is no longer inspiring your work ethic. Being comfortable in what you wear is important but in order to stay feeling productive and energetic it’s important to strike a balance with your outfit choices. There’s some key items which can allow you to do this, be that for busy meeting days (when you want to put in low effort with a high impact) or when you’re off rallying through your inbox. Small habits like changing up what you wear can change your daily perspective and lift your mood- and who doesn’t need a bit of that rn.

Here’s my Monday to Friday guide for outfit inspiration (double dose to give you an option).


Ease into the week with a neutral palette, wearing either a relaxed fit dress or some elasticated pants and a structured shirt, (try mixing up with collarless shirts) - chuck on a blazer in the same shade family for your video meetings. If you've got shorter legs, wear the elasticated waist pants higher up on your hips to add illusion of more length.


Try an easy white shirt and jeans combo. High waisted jeans are really flattering on petite, curve and pear shapes - boyfriend are a great relaxed fit for people with more of a rectangle frame. Alternatively pop on a linen dress like the below from The Sleeper. Pair with some simple ballet flats and a matching colour blazer to make you feel more put together.


Add a pop of mid-week colour, mix and match yellow shades with black to highlight. You could try either a top, blazer and pants or a dress and belt. Premium constructed leggings with a thicker knit and fabric add a bit of structure but are still very comfortable to wear. Add on some Mara & Mine slippers for a complete outfit.


Almost the end of a regular working week, mix up a casual pant with more a structured shirt or blazer and dress. Wear cinched in blazers if you're an hourglass or try an oversized if you're more rectangle or apple. Pair with an easy slide.


Luxe pyjama dressing has been a consistent trend for the past few seasons, try a velvet or silk style pj style pant with a utilitarian shirt and blazer. Use a soft colour palette to tie together the varied textures and styles. Alternatively, opt for an easy-going dress in a smart print. Add a pair of chunky sneakers to contrast the softness of the colour palette and textures.

What have been your favourite WFH go to pieces? Let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for reading!

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