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8 Takes from the Menswear 2021 Shows

Over the past week we've been seeing the latest in menswear fashion being presented at the resort and SS shows. Although, this is a season like no other due to the continuing Covid-19 health restrictions set in place, which has meant some designers will not be showing with guests in attendance or at all by way of the catwalk - which is perhaps a push in the right direction from both an environmental and technological perspective.

Designers who chose to stay on course for their resort fixtures have had to draw up truly innovative and creative concepts that will pave a new way forward for their brands. So far, my personal favourite mens resort show has been the Prada Multiple Views Digital Show which presented the collection in various ways on film by 5 different image makers and artists.

Here, I look at the latest trends from the mens collections and give tips on how you can work them into your style and everyday wardrobe.

1. Colour Block

- Mix different shades of the same colour or choose two complimenting colours to block.

- Add accents of neutral hues like black and brown to tie the look in e.g. bag strap or belt.

2. The Box

- Layer your top half to create a box shape, e.g. wear a long sleeve tee, a sweater vest and a blazer.

- Look for shirts and jackets which have the shoulder seam end sit slightly longer than at the true shoulder or look for shoulder pads to create an exaggerated boxy line.

- Wear with loafers, sandals or sneakers.

3. Grandpa Collar

- The informal collar creates a more casual look on either a jacket or shirt.

- It works well paired with a relaxed blazer or top as there won't be too much going on as opposed to a full collar shirt.

- Accessorise with a silk neck scarf to tie in accents of colour and match to the socks.

- Opt for a wide leg pant like Lemaire or Sunnei for a modern feel or straight leg like Etro for a more timeless look.

4. Prints

- From suburban scenes to botanicals to Italian tiles a lot has inspired the print designers this season. Checks and stripes are timeless prints if you want to wear the trend in a more classic way.

- Make print work for you head to toe; either select a matching print and pair with eye popping accessories or for a more easy going approach to the trend, try a printed shirt with a blazer in a differing print keeping in the same colour family.

- Below, Etro dons a navy pinstripe suit and differing green pinstripe shirt which works really well as the prints don’t jar together.

5. Board Shorts

- Board shorts made a real catwalk comeback this season, this new breed are less skater (like what we saw in the 00's) and are more streamlined with luxurious textures and prints.

- I would recommend for a chic casual look and pair with a linen shirt or cosy knit depending on the weather. Wear neutral colours with a long line shirt hem.

- For a stand out nod to the trend pair with a bright hoodie or long sleeve tee.

6. Casual Suiting

- Formal suits will always maintain a place in the world and the stunning new wave can be seen in amongst the latest Prada resort collection. But, my interesting take from the other shows was how mixing casual pieces with formal attire looks really sharp and perfect for the office.

- Try a shirt and tie with smart jersey tracksuit pants, those with a sheen or gloss work really well. Avoid cuffed tracksuit hems as this is too 'loungewear' for the trend.

- Instead of pairing a shirt and tie with a suit opt for a singlet or knitted top.

- Try wearing with a smart all black or all white pair of sneakers.

7. Baggy Jeans

- We are seeing a move away from the straight leg jean towards a more baggy version.

- Wear at or slightly above the hip line, don’t go to low with the cut otherwise it’ll take the look to a different era losing it’s newness.

- Experiment with shades and pick something which suits your skin tone** for a playful feel. Or for something a bit smarter try a true indigo denim and pop on a white fine knit jumper.

8. Longline Trench Coats

- A timeless piece; longline trench coats are really smart and a practical way for keeping the cold winter edge at bay right now. The new collections boast interesting fabrications and a boxy sleek shape to make them lust worthy investment pieces.

- Opt for a chic neutral or if you are more daring try an optic white with matching accessories.

- Think about what you are likely to be wearing underneath the coat - is it a suit? Is it a hoodie? I would recommend buying a size up in coats to allow enough room to layer and add some drama with a slightly oversized look.

If you need any help with which pieces to invest in and hone your style to make new outfits work together I offer the Wardrobe Edit and Style Evolution packages. Get in touch here and we can chat!

Which day to resort collection is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for reading!

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