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7 Shoe Styles to finish off your wedding day look

You could be one of the many couples who've had their wedding plans turned upside down and completely rearranged due to the knock on effects of Covid-19 restrictions and closures. Whilst this isn't the worst thing to come out of the crisis it has put those affected into difficult situations, with Bride and Groom to be's left the lurch and thinking about what to do next. Some of you may have already pushed out your carefully planned date, perhaps having imagined a winter wedding now to take place in summer or sometime the following year. Just because your vision may have turned into something different than what you initially expected doesn't mean all is lost as it can leave a lot of room for creativity and new inspiration. All the amazing designers are still working hard, still creating and still ready for you to wear their beautiful pieces. As such, you have so many different options out there.

It's always important to know early on what style shoe you'll be opting to wear, particularly if you're getting a custom made to order gown or bespoke style. This is mainly due to the height of the shoe - if you opt for a higher style then the hemlines will also need to be sewn higher. It is also a good reference to know if the particular style shoe you like will work with the rest of the outfit.

Here I break down some of my favourite wedding shoe styles to provide guidance on which ones best suit certain outfits and venues. I've looked at traditional white and cream colours which will blend in with you're outfit - if you're opting to wear this colour palette.


The classic wedding day shoe as heels really do give your legs and bum a great shape. Silk and satin styles look great with classic heels as it ties in the simplicity or the beautiful fabric textures, also because these fabrics tend to be form fitting. Heels are such a personal item so go for your favourite fabric such as lace, satin or something more fun with ribbon and tassels. If you're having an outdoor wedding be carefully with stiletto styles, you may be safer to wear a block heel.


Classic flats are chic, timeless and super effortless. If you're someone perhaps not used to wearing heels and are not confident to try it's a great option - even to have as an alternative to heels (changing into throughout the day). I recommend wearing with a floor length gown which has volume or a midi dress with tulle for a ballerina like look.


This is a great stand out shoe style if you're wanting to get something a little different from the norm. Boots are great if you've a short hemline dress or if you're wearing a suit where the pants will skim over the boots. If you're going for an ultra glamorous look then opt for a crystal embellished or sock boot style as they're tight fitting to the form and will create a lot of drama. If you're preferring a classic look opt for a pointed or square toe boots - round toe boots can look fairly casual so only go for those if that's your desired aesthetic.


A low or flat sandal is a great way to make sure you'll be comfortable throughout the day and also a good option if you'd like to change out of a higher heel or tricky to wear style during the day. Sandals generally leave toes exposed so be sure to prep with a pedi colour you're happy with. Perfect for beach and casual weddings as they're low key and easy to slip on and off. I'd recommend going for a strappy style rather than something more built up as it makes the shoe look a lot more delicate - unless your wanting to create a statement.

Low Heels

A spin on the classic, low heels are great for those (like me) who are not 100% comfortable wearing high heels but want to add little posture boost to themselves - without adding too much height. It's also great for those who'd like to wear just one style shoe throughout the day and remain totally comfortable. They're perfect for longer and midi gown styles and also for blazer and pant styles as a more classic option as opposed to the boot. Right now I love the square toe shape as it's really on trend and I'm also loving the sock type version as the translucency keeps it looking very delicate in a modern way.


Whether it's a mid, block or stiletto heel, mules are very versatile and work with a range of outfits and wedding looks. The shape really helps to elongate the look of your legs because so much of the front of the foot is left exposed. Make sure you remember to give the shoes an extra wearer trial though (especially if wearing a block heel) to test that the heel isn't too heavy and the mule band is high up enough to carry some of the shoes weight - this is so the shoe doesn't create stress on your foot by the end of the day.


Perfect for low key and laid back weddings for the ultimate comfort. I'd recommend floaty dresses, two piece outfits, alternative style outfits (like a 60's shift dress) and your not-so-traditional style floor length gowns. Slides also work really well for beach or by the water weddings as they can help create a more relaxed feel to your overall look.

If you need any help getting together your outfit or your Bridal Party outfits for your upcoming wedding, I offer bespoke Bridal Packages, get in touch here and we can chat!

Which shoe style is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below

Thanks for reading!

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